Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guest Bedroom update

I've had these pictures on my camera for awhile but forgot to post them. I am really liking how the room is turning out. We are mostly done- just some finishing touches whenever we come across the right thing.
The curtains have become kinda a joke for us. I had blue ones picked out to go with the brown and blue theme. Duey had these picked out. We were kinda going back and forth in the store when a couple sales ladies came up to us. (As soon as we left Duey was quick to point out their name tags said "window authorities", so they must know what they're saying) Duey pulls out the paint chips from the bedroom he had been bringing all over with us to ask them which curtains. They had no idea what they were saying when they went on how sharp these ones would look- Now Duey thinks he is a curtain expert too!:) I am starting to get used to the stripes though. Good thing he is being so cute about his gloating:P

This is the picture Duey had to have


Ben, Heather & kids said...

I love the colors. Looks nice!

Anonymous said...

duey must have mad skills when it comes to decorating!

Neisha said...

it looks very nice!

Duey and Kandace said...

Is there a way of tracing a comment? I think Duey might have left that Anonymous comment:) He thinks he's so funny:), and truely thinks he's better at decorating than me!:)