Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nutcracker at Paine Art Center

Fun Evening

Since it's just me and Charlie holding down the fort here the Orlando's were so nice to include me in their families holiday dinner:)

Friday, December 3, 2010


He got to come home for a few days over thanksgiving. The critters didn't waste any time getting cozy with him:)

We stopped to visit his grandma before he flew back

Thanksgiving Time

These bird fill the trees outside the doors at Aurora every night
Mom and dad came for lunch on thanksgiving and we went to Duey's aunt's for supper. Mom and I ended up staying up all night and went Black Friday shopping at 1am:) We had a blast and were home around 7am to take a nap!

So Friday we just had a relaxing day

I had a stack of leaf bowls on the table and I got a kick out of my dad just setting the plate of sandwiches for lunch right on top of them. It's a lot funnier when you are really tired!


I got the best birthday cards from Cole and Madison, and Lindsay took me to lunch!:)

I had a wonderful birthday this year! Sarah made me a cake to make the day special:)

Scrapbooking Room

After we did the flooring in the last bedroom I turned it into a room for scrapbooking:)

Table to do it on