Monday, November 22, 2010

Scrapbooking Weekend!!!!!:)

Us plus Chris and Beth who are missing in this picture made this past weekend WONDERFUL! I had such a great ladies weekend of scrapbooking together:)

Dad made us breakfast in the morning....

......while we got right down to business:)

Random pics from the past few weeks

Charlie melts my heart:)

He begs from dad cause he knows he will give in

Anytime someone sits our critters think it's an invitation to curl up

Miss Kitty

Dad (with Harley's help) got all our leaves taken care of!

Charlie has a thing about always laying his chin on something. Must be more comfortable than it looks cause it kinda grosses me out when we tries resting his jaw bone on my arm bones

Loves to snuggle..........

.....give kisses.......

....and snuggle some more:)

He stands so still even though he is not impressed with baths

Mom and dad's cats found warmth on a fall day

Sunday, November 7, 2010

St. Paul

Last week on Wed. till Sunday we visited Lisa:)

Bria was still in the PICU when we got there

On thur. she got moved into her room so we could finally hold her!!!:)

View from her window

Ron brought the kids thur. night and we got to take them with us for the night

Bria loves bubbles

Sunday morning Brock ended up downstairs in the ER from an asthma attack