Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New bedroom flooring

Harley LOVED laying in the padding.

Charlie kept trying to kiss Duey while he was laying the floor, or he'd curl up on the padding where Duey needed to lay the next row:)

I need to take more pics now that I have the drawers back in. I went thru everything before I put it back into our bedroom, so it sat like this for a few days till I had some time off from work.

Duey's cousin's wedding

Duey's cousin Laura that he grew up with on the farm got married on Saturday. This is the memorial they built in the backyard for her mom that they got married by.
Another of Duey's aunt (his mom's sister), uncle, and cousins.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Charlie loves Dad

No matter where dad is or what he is doing Charlie will wiggle his way in by him

Dad spent a couple days here last week and Charlie got really spoiled:) Everywhere dad went he followed, and as soon as dad would sit Charlie would hop right up

Door Cty day

Mom, dad, and I enjoyed taking a ton of pictures and watching the waves crash in. Right before a big storm is the perfect time to go:)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Luxemburg Races

Start of the trail of destruction

What was left of the boats, trailers, campers, etc:)

Brotzman Reunion in July

Dad and his brothers:)

We went to mom and dad's the night before so we could get a little extra time with uncle Dave- was SO nice to see him again!
In the morning we dug around the fire pit and put stone in.

Uncle Dave:)

Cole:) I got a kick out of just seeing his little hand reach over the food table