Monday, September 14, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

1 House/ 2 Weeks/ 14 Humans+ 1.5 Dogs+ 1 Cat/ Plus extra family and friends for meals and events

August 21st twelve people from Norway came to stay with us as house guests for Duey's cousin's wedding, and left September 2nd as family.

N.E.W Zoo

Duey's uncle Gary and Hakan

Uncle Gary gave everyone a ride on his bike one night

Trying to teach Charlie to sit!

Feeding Charlie one piece by piece

At the wedding rehearsal
Gary and Carrie giving their gift

Getting ready for the wedding. We did very good getting 14 people ready in 2 1/2 baths.

Not so easy to take a nap or get some sun with our 2 dogs around!

Most of the group after supper one night

Charlie had to be in on everything

Duey is a 49er fan, so they had fun giving him a hard time filling our house with Packer stuff:)

Catching Duey's reaction to the flag! (He didn't notice when he first came home cause there were so many people in the front yard waiting for him to get home and see it. They had a photographer come to our place to take their pictures, so after awhile they told Duey to come to the front for a pic cause it was more pretty in the front)

Spencer and Casey brought extra cake over on Monday

They kids went to Build a Bear and Hakan made this one in Harley stuff like his "grandpa" Gary and named it Charlie

They opened a few of their gifts at our place

To say the least Charlie is REALLY sad right now after enjoying all the attention. On the 3rd day I came home earlier than everyone else and Charlie ran around looking for them. Every morning I got up for work he would pace from door to door to basement steps waiting for one of them to get up. Hakan would always be up first, so him and Charlie would sit on the couch together till others started getting up. By the end Charlie was sleeping with a couple of the Norwegians instead of Duey and I. We all enjoyed having so much life in our house and now it is so quiet and lonely!

Spencer Carbery & Casey DeGreef