Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Friday when I was in Portland 12 people from Norway arrived at our place. They are close friends of Duey's aunt and uncle and are here for his cousin's wedding this coming Saturday. They will be staying with us till they fly back next week Wed. To say the least our house is full of life and we are enjoying every minute of it!:)

Charlie has made a new best buddy

This little boy bought Charlie this new toy when they were at the farmers market last Sat.

Portland, OR

Last week I went out to OR for my cousin Tami's wedding.

Picking up the cake

Papa Hayden's

The Rehearsal

Dinner at Matt's mom and step dad's afterwards

It was very special for me to spend the day with Tami as she got ready on Friday

Luxemburg Races

Before I left for Portland we when to the races with mom and dad

Matt and Tami- Aug.21, 2009

Tami, Karen, Sara, Ann, etc,etc- Here is a sample of some of the pics from the wedding. Sorry I haven't got to editing yet, but if you want any emailed before I get to it just let me know. As you can imagine, to say the least our house is crazy right now!:)

Finishing getting ready at the park

We had so much fun taking tons of pictures!!!!:)

Waiting AGAIN for the guys