Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things about me

1.LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel
2.Glad for my husband's sense of humor and enjoy his goofiness. Also glad for all the dorky fun we have together.
3.I worry too much and over analyze
4.I can smell anything and everything!
5.Want to be a mother. Duey and I both wanted 4 kids, but would be grateful now for at least 1.
6.If I cannot be outside I enjoy scrap booking and watching movies
7. I love people, but wish I was better at conversation
8.Favorite color is purple
9.SO thankful for friends and family; and every wonderful/special memory
10.I like 2 of my jobs, but I know I have to cut back on the amount of hours I am working a week. I enjoy working with the kids at Beaumont Elementary; and like the variety, friends, and the job at Air Wisconsin.
11.Starting to enjoy coffee
12.Duey and I enjoy decorating, landscaping, and working around our home
13.Love my animals. I am becoming the people I always thought were crazy when it comes to Charlie
14.Favorite season is fall= the colors, feel of it, the way it smells (wish summer followed fall though)
15.Love camping and all the special memories from growing up of things/trips with our camper
16.Most calming and beautiful place to me is the mountains
17.Not very good at expressing myself.
18.Love thunderstorms- the bigger the better
19.Am happy with our house and where we live. Someday we would like to live in the country. Duey misses it more than I do
20.I eat every breakfast, lunch, and supper that I can out on our deck
21.Love music
22.I like my name and it's spelling
23.I can be really busy all day an not accomplish any one thing
24.M&Ms are my favorite candy, but I find myself always sorting and organizing them as I eat them
25.I love pictures. Ever since I was little I could spend hours looking thru albums