Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov. 24

Today when I got to work my friend Tracy had a birthday cookie and candles for me:)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Duey and Harley's Long Weekend

They spent it in the shed. Here's Harley in his own little corner. He lays there most of the time....
...Until Duey stops what he is doing- then Harley hurries over by him:)

Mom's coffee table.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Duey's day off

As I'm getting ready for work this morning Duey calls for me. So I go to the living room and he says "I just wanted you to see what I'll be doing today! LOL"
He loves giving me a hard time, but for those of you who know him he'll actually probably have at least a couple projects done by the time I get home. Since we've been together there has only been one day that I can remember him just sitting around- He's always doing something. So all I do is smile and shake my head at him humor.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I had to take a picture of him before he goes for another haircut (tomorrow or next week) in case he looks as bad as he did last time. Now we know what to tell her not to do though, so hopefully that will help.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Duey thought Charlie needed a sweater now that it is getting cold out. So, the other day when I went in the closet to get my shoes for work- I looked up and this is what I saw:) I thought it was so cute that he had hung Charlie's sweater up with our coats!

Duey's Project

Duey made this for in our entryway, but it ended up going in the living room better. He still has to get the glass and put it in the top yet.
The pages I stuck in here for the picture are the wrong size, but it is made for 12x12 scrapbook pages. (The top is on hinges so you can change the pages)
After this is done his next project is this same thing, but as a coffee table for mom and dad.


Duey's cousin had an Uppercase Living party this summer that I had gotten a few things at. Last week his aunt came over and helped me put them up.

We put these scrolls up in the dining room and they make the sign noticeable now.

This is in our bathroom. (I still have to move the towel holder up a few inches yet, so it doesn't look so square.)

This is on the back wall in the living room where the walkway is.

I found this picture a couple weeks ago when I was shopping with one of Duey's cousins. I liked the words in it and it matched with the purple and red in our bedroom.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Girls Weekend

Sarah and I had a wonderful weekend of girl time together. We went shopping, just hung out, and scrapbooked.

Charlie loved her so much he still wanted to be by her even when he was so tired he couldn't keep his head up:)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


After the wedding Mom, Dad, Beth and I went to Prague. I love Prague, so here is a small sample of what we saw.

Charles Bridge with the Prague Castle in the background

You could spend a whole day wondering around all the street alleys.

Mom and I in the vineyard of the Prague Castle.


This is the front of the Cathedral in the Prague Castle. It was so large I could only get the top half of it in a picture, and the bottom half would have had to be in three separate pictures.

The next three pictures are inside the Cathedral.

Back side of the Cathedral in the Prague Castle.

Golden Lane in the Prague Castle. Now it is all shops, but it used to be where servants lived.

Looking at the Pectin Tower (on the hill in the middle) from the castle.

Zoomed in the the Charles Bridge from the castle.

Changing of the guards ceremony.

Front entrance to the Prague Castle.


Mom and Dad part way up the hill we climbed to get to the tower. (Once we were at the top of the hill dad saw a trolley we could have rode up!)

Every time we thought we were almost to the top there was a corner and another long set of stairs! Here is somewhere towards the begining.

Coming up the Pectin tower. Once we had climbed the hill the we still had to climb the spiral staircase up the outside of the tower.

Views from the tower.

The Prague Castle Cathedral with the Castle Buildings around it.

The Pectin Tower. You can kinda see the spiral staircase we climbed going around it. I can't believe mom actually made it to the top with her fear of heights!



Astronomical Clock- it rings every hour and the little guy on it rings his bell, and little people come out of the windows on top.

Astronomical Clock is at the bottom of this tower.


This is my friend Jean on the bridge from when her and I went to Prague and Munich a couple years ago.

Charles Bridge is on the right and the castle is in the back.

Enterance to the bridge

Beth and I with the bridge in the background

Dad and I with the enterace on the other side of the bridge