Sunday, May 3, 2009

Duey's projects and helpers

Now that it is nice out again these two neighbor girls are happy to be able to take Charlie for run/walks again. He put a lot of trips around the block on his little legs this weekend!

Watching how he does it

Duey would cut the sod, and Regan insisted on pulling the sod up.

She also liked spreading the sand out

Then they even started telling Duey if he had it leveled alright:)

Whenever I can not find Duey I can pretty much count on finding him talking to the neighbors thru the fence

Regan must think Duey's projects are pretty fun. She kept "helping"-playing with the dogs- helping- playing with the dogs-etc-etc


Ben, Heather & kids said...

nice to have helpers! :)

Julie said...

Duey is sure ambitious! And nice that he's so patient with the kids. Neat to see what you are up to!