Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rummage Sale Weekend

Charlie kisses for dad:)

Signing to grandpa that he is hungry

Dad got introduced to wii

Even though it was just for breakfast it was SO WONDERFUL to have us 8 all together!!!

sharing with grandpa

Madison with her new shirt

Dad was so happy that he got Madison to go from crying to content and sleeping:)

My rummage sale helpers- Mom, Lindsay, Bobbi (Duey's cousins wife). Duey's aunt Teri also came and helped mom and dad on Friday since I was working. It ended up raining all of Saturday, but we still had a good time hanging out together in the garage. It was a neighborhood sale, so we still had people show up but nowhere as many as normal.

Cole was showing them "bowling" with a remote

He was pretty proud of himself!:)

After the grandkids went home mom and dad had to settle for our pets:)

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Lindsay said...

hahaha! cole's nose is fine... scabs are coming off. great pix of the weekend- thanks so much again for letting us stay over and all! :)