Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brotzman Christmas

We were able to enjoy my family and my uncle's family [minus Tami and Matt:( ] at our place for a couple days. It was WONDERFUL to be together again!
Cole enjoying "coffee" after dinner with grandpa and grandma
" Uncle Duey's cooking is good"

Duey and I finally gave Cole his birthday presents

"Coley's puter"

Charlie loved all Sara's attention

Playing Redneck Life

Putting uncle Duey's hat on him

Everyone enjoyed uncle Randy's special pie!

Duey's uncle and aunt came over for awhile in the evening too. (Duey and I had christmas eve dinner at their place)

Playing wii

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Lindsay said...

thanks so much again!! the kids had a ball- and cole loves his "pooter"! y'all will have to come visit US sometime soon... :) <3