Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Saturday we started a pretty big landscaping project at mom and dad's. We got most of it done, so hopefully next weekend we can go again and finish.

Dad and Duey mixing cement for the flag pole.

As much as dad hates landscaping he helped us all day!! :)
Charlie had SO much fun romping around all day. He was covered in mud, but loving being out there with us. By the end of the day he was so tired, and on the way home he wouldn't wake up for anything!
The ground was so hard we ended up using an axe to loosen it enough to dig a hole.

They rented this to put the edging in- it was wonderful!!!!
Duey layed all the edgers and I came behind and filled the sides back in.

We took out most of the stones and are terracing there instead.
Leveling the flag pole


Anonymous said...

Hey... didnt know you blogged! :-) See you at Marion???

Anita B said...

that's a heap of work you did there!